helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

BiCon #4 - Sunday.

I'd been planning to go to a couple of the workshops on Sunday morning, but then I hadn't been planning to go to bed at 5.30am. So I said "sod it" and slept instead. I got up at 11.45am because I was hungry, and cooked some food in the flats. While I was in the kitchen, David came back with several people, none of whom have livejournals, and we all talked together for a while.

The first workshop of the day was "Bisexuals Online". I think almost everyone in the room thought it was going to be a social, but it turned into a ranting session about bi.org, so we were mostly all disappointed. Then I went to "Androgyny and Bisexual Desire", which was one workshop which would really have benefitted from a double slot. Several of us wanted to carry on the discussion into the next hour, but all the rooms were booked and it was pissing it down outside. So we ended up going to Browns cafe and sitting there with drinks, but it didn't work very well as we couldn't get everyone into the same conversation. Oh well.

Finally, there was "Polyamory for Beginners", which I was running. There was a huge turnout - about 20 people! I was impressed. Grant and I ran through a few of the basics and were generally reassuring at people. Afterwards, someone said something to me that almost made me cry (in a good way). So I walked out of there glowing too.

The plenary seemed to consist entirely of people showing off their boxes. Um... I think you had to have been there, really. Dinner was pizza and salad from Pizza Hut. Not really "food", but we were starving.

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