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Richard is Crazy. And Proud. - helen-louise
Richard is Crazy. And Proud.
Most difficult Who's That Pokemon competition ever!!

Richard was helping me with the answers, but some of his Pokemon descriptions really did leave a lot to be desired. I spent 40 minutes trying to figure out who the "fat round pokemon with the ears and the eyes and fat belly and a tail, that it bounces on, with eyes above a fat belly, with a lighter coloured bit, like a Marill or an Azumarill but brown" was. Turned out to be a Sentret, and I'm annoyed, because that's very clearly one of them but we only found out AFTER I submitted my answers. To be fair, that is a pretty good description of a Sentret - I just thought I'd already showed him a picture of one and he'd already said it wasn't. Hmm.

I still have no idea what "something kinda like an Ursaring but without the ring and a sort of greyish colour, like a Polar Ursaring" is, though.

I would also like to note, for the record, that I did NOT type the entry where 29 Pokemon have been guessed as "Wobbuffet" while the other is "Wynaut". That was someone else, significantly hairier and sillier than me :)

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