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back home & need my bed

Back home now. Overtired, nauseous yet ravenous, and utterly foul-tempered. I need a good night's sleep in my own bed before I'm fit to socialise with anyone - where "socialise" includes online stuff and phone. Am all snarly and toothy.

The actual hospital experience this time round wasn't actually that bad - in fact, I have positive things to say about it (!). But due to not having had enough sleep or antidepressants for several days, I just need some time to myself to de-snarl before being allowed out in public. If that makes sense.

Is it possible to get thrush (from the antibiotics) at the same time as a period? Ugh. Some days of my period are itchy anyway (typically, the first and last), so it's hard to know what the itching's coming from. All I know is itch itch bloody itch. Now I am home, I've taken some delicious friendly bacteria capsules to repopulate my gut, but it'll take a few days to get their numbers back up.

Yeah. Y'know, it was a really bad idea to not be able to have any damn antidepressants for a couple of days at this time of the month. It wasn't intentional - couldn't keep anything down on Sunday, then for some reason which I don't quite understand (I was too out of it to know what was going on), my regular medication didn't get "written up" onto my drug chart, and the nurses can only give you what's written up. Is it really only Tuesday today? Feels like at least Thursday. Anyway - after much haranging of anyone with a stethoscope (doctors in Kingston Hospital generally don't wear white coats), I finally got some Efexor at 2am this morning, having not had any since, er, about 11.30pm on Saturday. Efexor has a very short half-life, and I generally start to react to not having it within an hour of missing the dose - certainly, by 6 hours later I'm anxious / stressed out / crying / utterly foul-tempered. I've done quite well to stave off the foul temper until tonight, really.

And haven't I only just had a period anyway? What is this, the new, "improved", 24 day cycle? Yes, I know that 24 days is still well within the realms of "normal" for women in general, but it's not normal for me. But this is at least the second period I've had that's come in only 24 days. ojoy.
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