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hooray for my own bed!

Whee! Everyone please bow down to the majesty that is my own bed. Have now made up for the shocking 6 hours in 2 days, with no more than 2.5 consecutive hours, sleep that I got in hospital with 14 hours of sleep in a comfortable, needle-free bed, only interrupted by my "take drugs" alarm. Am feeling much more sane and happy as a result.

Also had a large number of dreams that was bizarre in an amusing way rather than an upsetting way. They included a dream in which I wrote half a song (!) which I still remembered after I woke up (!!), and a dream in which I was the girl in a band that wanted to be "the new Freezepop", and had us hanging out in a surreal way with actual Freezepop. I now have a list of silly total untruths that I'm going to post in freezepop4ever on April 1st.

In other news, I am healthy enough that Richard is sticking with his original plan for this weekend, which involves him either getting up at the crack of dawn or just plain not getting any sleep at all tonight, getting to Gatwick airport for 5.30am (!) tomorrow and getting on a plane to Marseille, where he will remain until the crack of dawn on Monday morning. This means I want people to visit me. The problem is, assuming I continue to get better and am back at work, the times I'll be around are not very compatible with other people's work patterns. I'll be in all day tomorrow and Saturday evening (Friday's pretty much impossible because the time I have to go out is only an hour or so after the time I'll probably get up, and I won't get home again until 9.30pm). I'm assuming Tim & Peter will come round as usual on Sunday afternoon. If anyone (else) feels like visiting, let me know.
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