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the joys of being in the wrong country for the place I want to order from

Anyone in the US want to do me a huge favour? The Hot Topic website is being an arse for no apparent reason - it's failing to recognise my billing address, even though it hasn't changed since the last time I submitted an order and even though it's correctly calculating international shipping costs. So I need someone to buy some $stuff for me. I will PayPal you the cost of the items + shipping + a little extra for your trouble.

I don't really care whether you want to go to a Hot Topic and buy the items yourself, or order through their website and get it sent to you, then ship the whole lot to me, except that it's Tim's birthday next Saturday and I've left this pretty late as it is. (The only things that are urgent are the ones for him, the stuff for me & Richard can wait.)

Comment here if you can help. I'm also interested in putting in an order at Pokemoncenter.com, so possibly a couple of people would be needed in any case.

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