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more reasons why The Sims is better than real life

Mitch and Max were on my bus on Friday.

I was going down to Epsom (about an hour away at that time of day) to see a student. Got onto an absolutely crowded bus, looked up to see a guy who was almost exactly the splitting image of my sim, Max, when he was at college. Not quite so tanned, and teeth less than perfect, but the face, hair and clothes were spot-on. I was amused. Then I realised he was travelling with and talking to another guy with black spiky hair, with blue glitter gel brushed haphazardly through it, and black-framed glasses. He didn't look exactly like Mitch, but his body language and nose piercing said he was a geek who was faking being cool.

So I started listening in to their conversation, the way you can when you're on a packed public transport vehicle. And I realised the Max-guy was flirting with the spiky-haired boy, and the spiky-haired boy didn't realise it. Or rather, he didn't have enough self-confidence in his own attractiveness to recognise that the flirting was flirting-with-intent, and not just random friendliness. And the Max-guy couldn't be too blatant, because they were on a bus after all, and he was a geek too, and not really up to saying what he meant.

And I wondered how long the two of them had been doing that dance, and would they ever resolve it?
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