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more coherent comment on back pain

I've worked out what's wrong with the support I get from this sofa, but I don't know how to modify it. The problem is my coccyx gets squashed, starting almost as soon as when I sit down. The coccyx squishing doesn't actually hurt very much, just makes my bum a bit numb, but over the period of an hour or so, pain gradually refers up my spine. Eventually it gets to the point around my lower ribs, which is a "bad" area for pain as it's near my scoliosis, and about where my evil gall bladder starts spreading pain into intestines, and then I notice it as absolutely horrible pain that stops me being able to do anything.

I cannot work out WHY the sofa squashes my tailbone, and other chairs don't, so I'm experimenting with pillows and cushions to try to figure it out. As well as the obvious back support, it could be a height thing or a seat support issue. Right now, I'm not convinced at all what the problem is. It's worth also noticing that my arse has lost some of its padding as I've lost weight, so this could have been a problem for months and I only just noticed because only now is there insufficient arse-padding to stop the coccyx squishing. It's all very mysterious.
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