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BiCon #6 - Monday.

Didn't bother with any programming on Monday. I needed to sleep. As it was, I only got about 6 hours sleep. What did that make, 11 hours sleep in 3 days? No wonder I was hungry all the time - I was replacing sleep with food!

Got up in time for the poly social on Monday lunchtime. Had a few interesting conversations, and took a few amusing photos. (Link will be added shortly - watch this space). Went back to the accommodation, packed up and sat outside on the grass talking to all sorts of people. We left at 3pm, and the delights of Sandra's car had me back in London by 5. I'd requested to be dropped off somewhere on the Northern line - I was so tired that I can't even remember where. Never mind. Made it home, snuggled with Richard and went to bed. At 7.30pm. And got up again about lunchtime on Wednesday.

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