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the house progresses - helen-louise
the house progresses
I have spent today mostly up a ladder. It's been at least a year since the last time I waxed lyrical about the wonders of Crown Breatheasy paint, but it hasn't become any the less wonderful in that time. Bearing in mind how sensitive I am to most volatile organic solvents, any emulsion paint that I can use without dying of asthma is pretty damn amazing in my book. The fact that the minimal VOC content also makes it rather environmentally-friendly, and that it's barely more expensive than plenty of lung-killing paints all adds up. Hooray.

I'm sure that other content exists, but I'm aching all over and I still have another wall to do. More tomorrow, possibly.

Current Mood: busy busy

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From: ext_4143 Date: 10th April 2006 04:28 (UTC) (Link)
> but I'm aching all over and I still have another wall to do.

I know how this feels though in my case is from there always being another
box to fill. Good luck with it. :-)
ceno From: ceno Date: 10th April 2006 09:29 (UTC) (Link)
Crown Breatheasy is great stuff :) The rooms don't reek of paint, and it means vinctus can help me decorate without her asthma being a problem.
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