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painting and politics

I knew I had more content yesterday.

So there I was, stirring up paint that had severely settled, and I had some lumpy bits to get rid of. Wandering into another room to grab some more newspaper to wipe it off on, I discovered that a Conservative Party election flyer had been put through our door, and David Cameron was grinning at me from the doormat. So I grabbed that and used it. Mr Cameron is now thoroughly pinked.

Poll #707758 My Conservative Party Conundrum!

Using a flyer of a political party you don't approve of to clean up paint while decorating is...

Terribly immature
Terribly resourceful
Plain rude! You wouldn't like it if someone painted over a picture of you!
A great way to re-use junk mail
A valid form of political protest
Something I wouldn't even think twice about

I should also mention one of those funny if you know me things. I have a tendency to get distracted by anything with words on, including cereal packets and newspapers in languages I don't even speak. (Several times on trains elsewhere in Europe I've been reprimanded by Richard for reading someone else's Dutch newspaper over their shoulder.) This has led Richard to keep a couple of newspapers. Every time I finish painting, he collects up all the paper that's not completely saturated with paint. Thus I am now painting over news from last April. The advantage of this is that I have already read those pages about 20 times, so it's less distracting than fresh words. Hmmm.
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