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And now for some randomness from irc the other day. The information about a new game, cut & pasted into irc with our comments on it. Sorry for writing entirely in lower case - it's the way I do irc in real time without killing my thumbs.

[DoctorOak]: In a world after the "Creator" has passed away…
[DoctorOak]: He left humans 6 types of magic (earth, water, fire, wind, darkness and light) and 7 wands.
[DoctorOak]: The Sages given the 7 wands were called "Guardians of the World", and they carried on the task of protecting order in the world.
[DoctorOak]: Thousands of years have elapsed since The Creator passed away.
[DoctorOak]: The task entrusted to the "Guardians of the World" continued to be passed on from teachers to students, along with the Magical Wands. People knew nothing except Peace.
[DoctorOak]: However, the world was changed by one thing. People, who forgot how to revolt against their destiny, lost all their hopes…and became trapped inside deep despair.
[DoctorOak]: Amidst the chaos in the world, only one small light of hope remained.
[DoctorOak]: The boy with the "Wand"… His journey begins now.
[baratron]: why were there 7 wands for 6 kinds of magic? that doesn't make sense
[baratron]: and "Wand" written like that looks kinda dirty ;)
[DoctorOak]: yes
[DoctorOak]: lol
[DoctorOak]: I suspect some Engrish going on
[DoctorOak]: considering the last line of the press release
[DoctorOak]: " In Japan, NINTENDO has asked the distribution of the game!"
[baratron]: heh, yeah, i missed the "Creator" part
[baratron]: sometimes i don't even notice engrish anymore. especially if i've been teaching at the college for too long.
[baratron]: some days, i walk out with my own english ability all messed up, and i have to phone a friend and chat for a while to get it back
[DoctorOak]: It's all pretty much standard RPG fare :/
[DoctorOak]: The main character is even called Isaac for crying out loud!
[baratron]: hmm, yeah - earth, water, fire, wind, darkness and light sounds pretty standard
[DoctorOak]: although astonishingly his dad doesn't appear to die :O
[baratron]: ah well. i guess his dad is the evil overlord, then.
[baratron]: "Luke - I AM your father!"
[DoctorOak]: yeah
[DoctorOak]: well
[baratron]: there were aspects of that in whatever FF tim was playing recently. i think it was X.
[DoctorOak]: he starts out as the goodest of all good guys in the game
[DoctorOak]: but he seems to shift over to the Dark side
[DoctorOak]: pretty Vaderlike
[DoctorOak]: ?Situation?
[DoctorOak]: He’s Isaac’s father and very strict. He’s called “White Night Emperor” and tries to maintain the world’s order as the Light Sage. As a leader of the Seven Sages, he fights against the Diva of Twilight to stop her ambition and the world’s destruction. However, he gets defeated and entrusts the Light Rod and the future of the world to his son, Isaac. He pretends to be controlled by the Diva and acts as her loyal subordinate
[DoctorOak]: He’s very kind deep inside. However, he tends to say and do severe things instead of showing his kindness straight. He’s been a strict and difficult father to Isaac, but he cares about Isaac so much in his heart.
[baratron]: lol!
[baratron]: sorry, that just... engrish, yes
[DoctorOak]: Issac gets a little bird called Parakeru that kinda acts like a cross between Pikachu and a Djinni
[DoctorOak]: it's reaaaally cute
[DoctorOak]: Parakeru
[DoctorOak]: ?Gender? Male
[DoctorOak]: ?Age? About 3
[DoctorOak]: ?Favorite? Green apples
[DoctorOak]: ?Dislike? Worms
[DoctorOak]: ?Appearance?
[DoctorOak]: A mysterious bird tamed by Isaac. He’s got a cute eyes and charming face. He’s always by Isaac’s side. Parakeru is very independent and more like Isaac’s partner rather than his pet. He nests on Isaac’s head and usually stays at Isaac’s shoulders, hear, or rod.
[DoctorOak]: ?Situation?
[DoctorOak]: Basically a mascot. It shows up on tutorials and when Isaac is alone. It will take to Tristia later. You can control this character when it’s switched to a “bird view”. Since it can speak monsters’ language, it can tell Isaac’s commands to captured monsters during the battle.
[DoctorOak]: Isaac found this bird when he was checking his father’s office. Seems like it’s a child of the phoenix. However, Isaac and the bird itself haven’t realized it. Even though it just makes bird noises, only Isaac can understand what it says.
[baratron]: what's his blood group, though?
[DoctorOak]: lol
[baratron]: "usually stays at Isaac’s shoulders, hear, or rod."?!
[DoctorOak]: lol
[DoctorOak]: "It will take to Tristia later"
[DoctorOak]: Tristia Wendell (heroin, Meiden of Wind)
[DoctorOak]: ?Gender? Female
[DoctorOak]: ?Age? 16
[DoctorOak]: ?Favorite? Birds
[DoctorOak]: ?Dislike? Stupid people who’s got muscle bodies but no good brains
[DoctorOak]: ?Appearance?
[DoctorOak]: Neat and cute. She’s about 2 inches taller than Isaac and acts like his older sister.
[DoctorOak]: She’s very nimble. Even though her magic power is now taken away, she can still fly in the air for a short time.
[DoctorOak]: ?Situation?
[DoctorOak]: Heroin of this game. She’s one of the Seven Sages. She’s a successor of the Wind Rod and Wind Magic and called “Maiden of Wind” (tentative name). She’s been going after her sister who inherited the “Force of the Scale”
[DoctorOak]: Even though she’s a Sage, she’s a little weird... she thinks with feelings rather than intellects. However, like the great Sage that she is, she can see things in perspective with her free inspiration and make bold decisions. Seems like she cannot get along well with Earth Sage who is very steady and stubborn.
[DoctorOak]: She listens to the wind and can control the weather and thunder. However, her sister, Diva of Twilight, took away her Wind Rod, and thus, she doesn’t have much magic power left now. When the Diva of Twilight is about to finish off Trista, Isaac saves her. After that, she decides to go with Isaac. She feels shamed that she got her magic rod taken and cannot tell Isaac who she really is. However, she knows a big fate is ahe
[DoctorOak]: WIN
[DoctorOak]: ...
[DoctorOak]: WIND
[DoctorOak]: EARTH
[DoctorOak]: FIRE
[DoctorOak]: HEART
[DoctorOak]: I AM
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