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It's a dagger... with a lightning bolt on it... - helen-louise
It's a dagger... with a lightning bolt on it...
What's the date today? It isn't April Fool's Day again, is it? Look at the insignia on this web page and tell me what you think. Is it:

a) A subsection of the SS or Hitler Youth,
b) A scary USA fringe group intent on abolishing social security and to promote the right to bear arms / arm bears,
c) A government agency in the home of democracy and liberty (a.k.a. Blair's Britain)?

Link & sarcasm from softfruit. Further commentary from people on #Pokecharms:
StellarWind:        It's a dagger.. with a lightning bolt on it.
StellarWind:        O_o
Trainer_Yoshimitsu: o_O
StellarWind:        Dagger + Lightning Bolt = Electric Dagger = The nation is run by a fucking RPG enthusiast.
Trainer_Yoshimitsu: a very bad looking lightning bolt at that
Trainer_Yoshimitsu: XDDDD
StellarWind:        ... could have been worse, though.
Trainer_Yoshimitsu: daaaamn, can't add that quote
StellarWind:        At least it isn't the Master Sword and the Triforce.
baratron:           lol!
StellarWind:        Special Link Forces! X_X
StellarWind:        either that or it's a sign that says 'Caution, high voltage blades. Oooh, lookit the pretty green background!'
StellarWind:        Oh! I've got a better one.
baratron:           yeah, i was thinking No Electric Daggers as well.
StellarWind:        'The official Anti-Pikachu resistance force'
baratron:           yes!
Trainer_Yoshimitsu: XD
StellarWind:        STAB the lightning tails! xD

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Current Mood: embarrassed the government scares me sometimes

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bethdeth From: bethdeth Date: 22nd April 2006 23:04 (UTC) (Link)
d)Big fans of both Thrashin' and the Grateful Dead?

Daggers 4-Ever! lol
epi_lj From: epi_lj Date: 23rd April 2006 21:10 (UTC) (Link)
For whatever reason, when I see a logo that looks that hand-drawn-by-someone-who-isn't-an-artist, it scares me. I think because it makes it seem like this thing is the crazed passion brain child of an individual and didn't go through the usual checks and balances.
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