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Battle Frontier lyrics

Thanks to #pocketmonsters' Parody Sub, which provides romanji karaoke, here are some lyrics for the Pokemon Advanced Generation intro song I'm obsessed with. (This is actually no longer the current song. /me is sad). Respect is due to Yamato-san, Sunain & JDS of #pocketmonsters.

hikaru daichi ni tachi
towa no batoru chikau
egao choppiri namida
minna wasurenai uo
omoi wa kyori wo tobikoe
ima kimi ni todoku kitto
GANGAN susume kaze kitte
GANGAN iku ze! saigo made
kanzen, nenshou; YES, I'm OK!
DONDON pawaa moriagatte
DONDON yuuki waite kuru
kagirinai chikara wo shinjiyou

I can actually, like, learn them now, & stuff.

The parody sub's translation of them is intentionally hilarious, as with the rest of the episode - but I get the gist ;)
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