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tonight's silliness from irc

baratron: i must say, i want simkasson's bedroom in real life
hoopycat: s/simkasson\'s/kasson in my/
baratron: :P~~~~
baratron: i suppose if he came along with the room, that would work quite well, yes
hoopycat: *grin*
baratron: seriously, this is such a cool room. wanna see a picture?
hoopycat: sure
hoopycat: wow, that's rather neat
hoopycat: i like the, uhh, shark.
baratron: it's an inflatable shark!
baratron: shark attack shark attack shark attack!
baratron: etc
hoopycat: of course. it's just, uhh, there
Tags: dangerously nerdy, freezepop, sims 2

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