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My work here is done.

lizenthusiasm: Oh my God!!
seandrinkwater: This is crazy... Can we use this?
kasson: My digital girlfriend is kinda hot. ... Hey, this is much better than the Depeche Mode video. ... I wish my bedroom was this cool in real life.

Yes, the Super Sekrit Project got revealed - in the form of a video for "Emotions & Photons" shot entirely in Sims 2. Heh. It will be online at some point - we have to figure out how to compress it, and then it's probably going on the band's official web site or something.

If anyone would like me to say anything other than "squee!", you'll have to wait a few days, I fear.

Proper gig review when I have regained enough sanity. The MASK!! by the way was a great success. Only 4 people gave me grief about it, and two of those backed down when they found out it was for medical reasons. I only actually thought I was going to puke at one point after the gig had finished, and drugzzz + Olbas Oil sorted that out. Hooray! Not least of all because this means it is no longer entirely out of the question for me to go clubbing - especially if the club is suitably musically-oriented that having people turn up looking all Cyber is entirely normal.


Also, photos.
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