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Silly Sim videos

What better to do the night after seeing Freezepop than to play Guitar Hero? :)

I can't share the "Emotions & Photos" video with you yet because we have to sort out the copyright messages and re-encode it to be less dark (even on full screen brightness the colours aren't great), but I can share the outtakes. There's no audio for the outtakes, but I think you'll enjoy them :)

Right-click and select "Save as...". They're designed to be downloaded and played locally, not streamed.
640x480 resolution. 10.2MB. Recommended, as you can actually see the sims' expressions properly.
320x240 resolution. 2.5MB. Better for people with slow connections, but less clear.

They're Windows Media format - we have to figure out what's wrong with the Quicktime installation on this PC before we can convert them. Sorry Mac-people :/ Hopefully we'll be able to do that soon.

Update: Richard is playing along to Guitar Hero with a real guitar. We are such geeks.
Tags: freezepop, sims 2, video games

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