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Why I love HoopyCat

HoopyCat:   dammit, i broke my dishwasher
astra:      how didya manage that?
HoopyCat:   overtorqued the #9742945 washarm nut
astra:      one must wonder what you were doing fiddling with the #9742945 washarm nut in the first plae
HoopyCat:   there was a fair amount of sediment making it onto the dishes, so i figured i best figure out what's going on
HoopyCat:   i disassembled it until i got the jar lid out from under the filter, and in the process of reassembling it, snap goes the washarm nut.
astra:      ah
astra:      is that a standard part?
HoopyCat:    9742945? very much so. it's in stock 4 miles away, and will cost about $5. i'm damned sure they're closed, though.
green_onion: ...
green_onion: it's just a nut?
green_onion: why not run to the hardware store?
green_onion: ultra-fine thread or something?
* green_onion just finished tapping threads into a bottom bracket, and as such is in a handy mood
HoopyCat:    g_o: http://www.appliancepartsresource.com/parts/9742945.htm
HoopyCat:    it's a 9742945, dude. you just can't find those anywhere.
green_onion: haha
green_onion: that looks more like a screw, dude
HoopyCat:    Personalized Results 1 - 10 of about 110 for 9742945. (0.43 seconds)
HoopyCat:    alright, so you *can* get them in many places, just not at 8:40pm.
astra:       i must admit i am curious about how you found out it was called a 9742945
HoopyCat:    g_o: it's a nut and a screw, is there anything it can't do?
green_onion: a scrut
green_onion: or a nrew
HoopyCat:    astra: i had originally noted the model of my dishwasher, and was prepared to use advanced computing technology to find the part number. however, i also brought the part with me, and noticed it says "9742945 8268873 IGD" on it
* astra snickers
* astra is sorely tempted to post this entire conversation to livejournal, along the lines of "why i love hoopycat"
HoopyCat:    given that 8268873 is 24 Pair Lot Mens White Ankle Socks, i went for 9742945.
astra:       lol!
Tags: dangerously nerdy, irc

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