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I am on Myspace, but...

I just set up a Myspace account - basically just so I can keep up with the band stuff that gets posted there. I have absolutely no intention of using it for anything else. The whole Myspace "friends" and "networking" thing makes me twitchy. But feel free to friend me if you want.

Also, WTF is up with the Profile information? I had to set my goddamned Marital Status to "In a Relationship" to stop it showing up as Single, but that's not true! Well, I mean, yes - I am in a relationship, and I'm also in another one. The options are: Swinger (!!), In a Relationship, Single, Divorced, Married, and that's it. Gah. Sexual orientation? Religion? Ethnicity? All of these have ~6 fixed options, none of which fit me. Best way to wind me up is to give me a bunch of boxes and not let me tick any of 'em.

And, I mean, WTF: Income?!!

Gods no. I'm staying on livejournal, where I have nice write-in boxes rather than stupid fucking ticky boxes, and no one would even dream of putting their Income on their userinfo page. *shudders*

lizenthusiasm has the right idea. She's set her Body Type info to be 7' 3" / Body builder :D

Also, are anyone else's userpics messed up? This is SUPPOSED to be posted with my Buttercup userpic. Just went into the Edit Userpics thingy and found Buttercup had been replaced with "grinning" - and after I changed it back, Buttercup's now replaced poor Luka. GRRR!
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