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totems and emblems

Yesterday was a Very Bad Day, with a severe spoon overdraft. Almost fainted three times in half an hour, to say nothing of the nausea, dizziness and panic that lasted all day. Only got through that with the aid of kasson's bracelet and dwoucke's spoon - which are powerful totems. I only wish I could find esbat's ankh (yes, the one in this userpic), which has dropped down the back of the chest of drawers and disappeared :/ Less blatently sick today, but there is still a terrible knot of anxiety in my belly.

This was the link of the day on User Friendly yesterday: Evian animation: Waterboy. Absolutely adorable video, featuring a boy made of water dancing to "We Will Rock You". (Audio warning).

Made With Molecules. Chemistry jewellery! Link from okoshun. I am so ordering the creativity necklace, which will give me more totems for difficult days.

In searching for the link to explain it to someone, I found this analysis of what's wrong with the spoon theory by Ghetto River Nymph. It is, sadly, so true, and I've been giggling my head off at it. I like the idea of the limited resources that a person with (a) chronic health problem/s has compared to a "normal" person of the same age, but I hate the over-emotive language that the spoon girl uses. So, yeah.

OK, student just turned up, I have to go. Back later.
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