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Blogging Against Disablism - helen-louise
Blogging Against Disablism
firecat pointed me at Blogging Against Disablism day. How come I didn't hear of this before it happened? Gah. Here are some comments from the posts that firecat thought were particularly interesting or informative. I'm going to have to read my way through the whole lot myself, now. Well, that'll keep me amused the next time I'm at home, depressed & ill :)

One of the things about this past weekend is I realised how many thoroughly decent people I have in my life. At various points in the weekend, I was there with both of my gorgeous partners, Richard & Alexa; my lovely tocotox, ludy; my best friends, Tim & Peter; and of course, the amazingly talented Freezepop - as well as taimatsu, barty and cryx. I spent the whole weekend surrounded by beautiful, intelligent people who care about me.

So I have this wonderful "little" collection of health problems. I have to deal with pain and exhaustion and having to conserve my energy; remembering to take drugs on time, and being horribly sick if I forget; and not being able to go out and do things that other, "normal" people my age can. Of course it gets me down sometimes. I have attacks of really bad depression and woe, but the fact is I have: two partners and a bunch of good friends who love me and are there for me.

If I am unlucky for having the health crap, I'm so lucky and blessed with the love I have. My life may suck, but it also rocks.

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firecat From: firecat Date: 6th May 2006 02:12 (UTC) (Link)
This is a great post, and I'm glad.
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