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more links

Also, I just ordered a blue fluorescent walking stick, 'cos my current stick is knackered. Squee!!

SQUID blog. Excellent for those who love cephalopods. Very bad idea for people with tentacle phobias. geminigirl, in particular, do not follow that link. Really!

Knitting geeks will probably love squid hat vs gastrointestinal system. Unless they have tentacle phobia.

I am almost dead of laughing too hard at MasaManiA - Japanese culture report by MasaManiA with fucking photo & poor English you never seen at boring CNN, Time or major sophisicated jurnalism. Totally un-worksafe. Unless you work for a sex toy store, or in some other industry where looking at gigantic penis statues in Shinto shrines is considered ok.

Anyone have any idea where I put my sunhat? It's officially summer here - the thermometer upstairs claimed it was 29.3 degrees C outside at 4.30pm, but I have no clue where my hat is. I know where my winter hat is, because I've been wearing it in recent months, but it's a bit too woolly to protect my head from the sun.
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