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Silly Sim Videos, redux

OK. Last night involved much wrestling with Adobe Premier, Quicktime Pro, DivX Player and Windows Media Encoder. You know you're having a bad day when the only piece of software that does what you told it to is a Microsoft product :/

There's a redone version of the simFreezepop outtakes. Features more clips and higher-quality images. I seriously recommend the Quicktime versions, especially if you're on dialup. The 2.8MB Quicktime is still 640x480 resolution and almost as good quality as the 11.3MB Windows Media file.

Quicktime version - high quality. 10.0 MB
Quicktime version - lower quality. 2.8MB
Windows Media Player version - 640x480. 11.3MB
Windows Media Player version - 320x240. 2.9MB (and looks like crap, you can hardly see the sims' expressions).

Oh yeah - there's no audio, so feel free to watch it at work :)

What is it about Wednesdays? Once again, had a bloody awful nightmare and woke up panicky and headachy. Trying to become sufficiently well to leave the house :/
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