helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

moan moan moan, plus IKEA SHINY!

Yesterday was very, very bad. Woke up profoundly panicky, took me half an hour of warm boy cuddling to manage to get out of bed at all, stood up and the room lurched abruptly sideways. After staggering to the loo and almost falling over twice on the way, I called two of my students to reschedule. Went back to bed for a couple of hours but only managed to sleep for the last 45 minutes of it (kept waking myself up with a jolt just on the point of drifting off), then had no choice but to go out & see the third student, because she's in severely dire straits owing to the fact she's insisting on taking the Higher Tier papers when really she should be doing Foundation, and thus she's far more likely to get a D than the C she deserves. I walked down the road only too aware that I couldn't walk in a straight line, and was weaving around like a mildly drunk person. Every so often (like every minute or two) the pavement tried rushing up to meet me, but I'd anticipated that.

And the journey down to Epsom was absolutely terrible - the buses were hot and not running properly. The last thing you need when already dizzy and nauseous is to have to wait 35 minutes in Surbiton for a bus that's supposed to be every 15 minutes. (I just missed one 406, the 418 10 minutes later never arrived, and the 406 25 minutes later was 10 minutes late.) Got home afterwards and just collapsed in bed again, but with the laptop for company this time.

I have no idea what any of that was about, because I seem to be basically ok today. Just one of those random "h-l's body goes into spoon deficit" days, I 'spose. Could well be hormonal - I'm prone to not-amazingly-bad-by-many-people's-standards-but-still-debilitating migraine at certain points in the month, and it could be that manifesting a bit differently to normal. Oh well.

Today involved horrible students from 11.30am-4.30pm, followed by a trip to Ikea. It was highly successful, by Ikea-trip standards: we managed to buy everything we'd gone in to buy, didn't impulse-buy anything that we didn't need, and spent only a moderate amount of money. We also managed to finally solve the Great Mug Dilemma - this being the fact we needed new mugs to match our new china but didn't previously like any of the mugs that Ikea sell, owing to them being too small or too white or both (I have a general dislike of mugs with white insides as tea stains them so they look perpetually dirty) - with 12 very large black mugs, half with blue swirls and half with red. The red doesn't go fantastically well with the black & purple of the other china, but the mugs match each other very well, and it will be possible to distinguish normal from soy milk drinks (or sugared from unsugared, I 'spose). We were unsuccessful in buying a new sofa, but we couldn't really afford that this month anyway, and I think it would be a good idea to go to the shop for people with bad backs first, because almost all of the sofas I sat on wrenched my back horribly either as I sat down or as I tried to get up again or both. The shop for bad backs only sells individual chairs that I know of, but they might have sofas hiding out the back (no pun intended), or have recommendations.

Anyway. Not really looking for sofa recommendations from passing strangers, unless you are exactly the same height as me and have exactly the same sort of back/leg issues - as a sofa that's perfect for a much taller person isn't going to be any good for me. Just waffling, really. Not that I do that a lot, or anything, you understand ;) Hrm.
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