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stoopid broken body... - helen-louise
stoopid broken body...
I am bloody ill. I have lurgy, of the raging sore throat and blocked ears/nose variety. There are many kinds of pain I can put up with, but I hate ear pain. Have been quite literally asleep all day. Am now forcing myself to stay awake for a bit so I can sleep tonight.

One of the things about having chronic health problems is that it's remarkably easy to overlook that you're going down with something. For a couple of days now I've had symptoms, but have put them down to other things. Sneezy & itchy eyes? Allergies. Achy limbs? Entirely normal for me. Wheezy? Photochemical ozone pollution. Dizzy and headachy? Travel sickness owing to being tired. Excessively tired for no apparent reason? Just a severe shortage of spoons. Falling-over dizziness attack? My vestibular system crapping out because of lack of spoons. Nausea? Got to be the evil gall bladder again. Thus I don't notice the damn infection until some smyptom turns up that is not within the realms of "normal for me" - that being, a severe sore throat. Even then, I ignored it last night because it felt like the oral thrush I can get from not gargling properly after taking my inhalers :/


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From: x_mass Date: 16th May 2006 03:49 (UTC) (Link)
agggg I know that issue so well
to be honest I only ever notice being ill by the complete lack of spoons I have.
so hugs (froma kate who cant go to sleep until its hits dawn)
hugs again
From: artremis Date: 16th May 2006 18:06 (UTC) (Link)
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