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Oh, this is hilarious: The Adventurers of Nemesis. Basically it's a poem by Nemesis from Pokecharms featuring various 'Charms regulars in cameos and lots of in-jokes. I turn up as a mad scientist. Muahahahaa!

Inside the castle, it was dark and grimy,
The floor was cold and the walls were slimy.
Chandeliers hung high on the ceiling,
And they all wondered with what they were dealing.
Steph was nervous, holding Yoshi’s hand,
Whilst Rachel fanned herself with a Grand.
The doors in the room seemed to be locked,
But Nemesis was not shocked,
If you were to just let intruders in,
You may as well throw your treasure in the bin.
Rachel yelled, “Look over there,”
As she pointed at some stairs.

As the stairs, they descended,
On candlelight, they depended.
Steph let out a cough as the stairs started to spiral,
And Nemesis hoped that it wasn’t viral.
The stairs curled, round and round,
As the four continued to go down.
At last, they all reached the bottom,
To see a large door, wooden and rotten.
They opened it, and what a sight to see, a scientist dressed in PVC.

The scientist did seem quite mad,
Standing in a darkened lab.
She gave our heroes a silent wink,
As they looked at her dress, black and pink.
She looked at them, mouths open wide,
And she spoke, giving a sigh.
“I’m sorry, have I done something wrong?”
“I am Professor Baratron.”
“To meet you is a pleasure,”
“But you shall never get my treasure.”
“I don’t know what you mean.”
Nemesis growled, sounding mean.
“The Golden Orbs,” she said, “In this tower.”
“The ones that give you ultimate power.”
“When I saw your boat, I was seething,”
“So I sent my Raven to stop you thieving,”

“You made that creature? Are you insane?”
“That half man half bird, it’s inhumane!”
The whole group then got a scare,
As another figure appeared, covered in hair.
He looked scary and very mean,
And was hairier than the dinosaur that was green.
“And this here is my toy,”
“I call him Richard, or The Boy.”

“For years we have tried to get those balls,”
“But they are protected by the castle walls.”
“And it will piss me off just a little bit,”
“If you four beat me to it.”
“So I prepared for when you reached the wharf!”
“And created my servants, behold the Lepredwarf!”

Baratron and Richard left the room,
And the team were left with her goon,
A midget dwarf, if you will,
Looking at it made Nem quite ill.
Steph was scared, her hands were shaking,
And Elliots tail was aching,
Behind the Lepredwarf, who wore a pointy hat,
More tiny creatures, in cages sat.
As if by magic a hundred cages opened,
And the main door closed behind them,
After recovering from the fright,
Nem and Rach prepared to fight.

Great stuff :D
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