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Why I love HoopyCat, Part 2

HoopyCat is hoopycat, astra is me, baratron. Log from #soc.bi this evening.

HoopyCat: i actually found a useful and efficient bus run in rochester
HoopyCat: the bus leaves the office park at 3:10pm and arrives at my boss's boss's house at 3:28pm
HoopyCat: that's the ONLY time i've EVER seen a feasible bus run in rochester. of course, for some odd reason, it cost $2.50.
HoopyCat: ah! it's because it changes routes. from, uhh, route 92 to, uhh, route 92. so, err, it's a transfer.

* HoopyCat opens envelope full of credit card checks from credit card company
HoopyCat: something tells me they didn't get my letter saying "pleasing to cancel my account, kthx"
* HoopyCat makes checks payable to cross-cut shredder, po box 0, undermydesk ny

HoopyCat: yaknow what i love about the virus scanning software i use? every few days, it decides to give me an ad for the premium version of the software, and the ads are always... uhh... somewhat incomprehensible.
HoopyCat: "Now you can leave your garlic where it belongs to: in the kitchen."
astra:    that's the ad?
HoopyCat: well, it starts off with "Garlic may help to ward off vampires"
HoopyCat: last week's was soccer-related, and, being american, it was totally incomprehensible

* HoopyCat reads toaster owner's manual
HoopyCat: To store bread: 1) Place bread in compartment. 2) Close door securely.
astra:    wow

HoopyCat: brb, want matisyahu cd, need to drive to greece to get it

* HoopyCat clears throat; sings
HoopyCat: http://www.letssingit.com/?/matisyahu-king-without-a-crown-wsr4hfz.html <-- lyrics, for the hasidic reggae favoring
astra:    oh, THAT guy
astra:    yeah, he's been in the news a lot lately
HoopyCat: oww, i just mispronounced something and bit down on my tongue
HoopyCat: now i know what the beard is for... counterweight
astra:    lol!

astra:    betty fell off again? huh
* astra gives channel operator status to HoopyCat
astra:    is Nooks here?
HoopyCat: NOOKS!
cds:      I don't think he is.
* cds bangs on the walls.
HoopyCat: HELLO JASON PARKER! Call the station within the next 93.3 seconds at 310-0933 and you'll win a free +o from astra!
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