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Naked geek girl "wearing" peripherals!

Thanks to the various people who posted a link to the geekiest photo ever. If you want to see more, try gfixler's Rubik's Cube Mario Pop Art Wall Hanging and Flickr: Rubik's world pool and Rubik-Cubisme. Sooo geeky.

Other interesting techy pics: Plaid Ninja's photos of the Nintendo World shop. I really like Lots of Game Boy Advance units.

For Tim & Peter: Adventures of Slime & Metal Slime, by AzyxA. Edit: Flickr: Slime Pool. Am now dead of cute.

But I'm not sure anything beats the naked geek girl "wearing" video game controllers and other such peripherals. Flickr: Female Tech's photos.

Sorry for anyone who thought the naked geek girl would be me. I'll try to arrange some nekkid pics for you later. (Pervs).
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