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has the vapour pressure of exam questions increased recently?

I am stressed. Somewhere in amongst the piles of paper on my desk should be an exam question about static electricity that I pulled out as especially "interesting" & useful for my students to do. Can I find it? No. It has completely disappeared. Completely. I have been through every pile of paper and book on my desk three times, as well as the pile of papers on top of the printer/scanner/photocopier and all my mark schemes. I can tell you that it is OCR Double Science/Physics June 2005 Paper 2 question 11, and it is two pages long. I can give you that much detail, but I can't find the damn papers. What does this say about me & my life?

The really stupid thing is for some reason I pulled the question out of the plastic wallet that contains the rest of that exam paper, because I didn't "want to have to carry around the whole paper when I only need 2 pages of it". Of course, a plastic document wallet is much harder to lose than 2 sheets of A4 paper, considering that every sheet of paper and most of the books on my desk are all A4, it being the standard size for paper in this country. Gah! Clearly, this is all my own fault. Doesn't make it any the less annoying, though.
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