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Vron & Andi's wedding

... was lovely. Several things stood out about it, which included:

  • the very obvious, mutual, love and respect that the happy couple had for each other
  • the love and support of their respective families (I've never actually been to a wedding before where the parents were that involved with the proceedings)
  • the fact that each set of parents honestly believed they were welcoming their child's partner into the family
  • the fact that the guests felt honoured to be invited, while the hosts felt honoured that we'd come
  • the excellent hotel catering - I've never been to an event that catered so well for vegans
  • Jennifer memevector/Single Bass's excellent choice of songs

I cried buckets. And it was all good.

Frubbly isn't even the word for it. I feel... as though it's reaffirmed my faith in human nature, and pointed out beauty in the world.

Signing the Register 2

Photo gallery.

This is why my phone was switched off yesterday, polyfrog. I hope you think it was worth it!
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