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VoicePosts are not my friend!

ARGH! Does anyone know why VoicePosts break my friends layout, and what I can do about it?

I have a custom S2 style that's based on Unearthed crossed with Generator, and it has a few quirks and bugs that I need to iron out. Like the fact that if you click to send me a comment, the entire text of my entry disappears, so you can't readily cut & paste from it. But that's a fairly minor annoyance, because it's easy enough to right-click the "post comment" so it opens in a new browser tab or window.

But the VoicePost thing is ridiculously annoying. Every time someone posts a VoicePost with no transcript or additional text, all of the posts beneath it disappear from my friends view. So if the first post on that page is a VoicePost, I lose the remaining 19 entries. They disappear into a void.

If any of you know enough about custom S2 styles to help, please tell me what I need to fix to sort this out. Otherwise, I suspect I'll be plaguing various people on s2unearthed or other lj customisation communities until someone puts me out of my misery.

Congratulations, by the way, Dr nmc. My annoyance at your VoicePost breaking my lj is not really your fault.
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