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I am pathetic!

I just went to the bathroom, and on the way, saw a beetle.

irc log from #soc.bi:
astra:      ewww, there is a beetle in our house. it is a long, narrow beetle, about 2cm long x 0.7cm wide. it is black. it has 6 legs, like all beetles, which finish fairly far up its body.
astra:      do i need to panic? :D
HoopyCat:   i bet it's crunchy and yummy
RedWine:    astra: dunno. do you have any pets smaller than the beetle?
astra:      richard was talking about seeing a beetle shaped like that in the street yesterday, and he thought it was a cockroach - that's why i'm now panicking a bit
astra:      but, uh, it doesn't look like the cockroaches in the sims or in animal crossing, so i'm guessing it probably isn't
RedWine:     roaches are brown.
RedWine:    at least, all the roaches I've seen are brown.
Otterylexa: astra: cockroaches are quite variable.
astra:      yeah - in the games, they are brown, and they have long whip-like antennae that come out of their heads and go for most of the length of their bodies
astra:      ewww, so it might be a cockroach? eeek!
Otterylexa: I wouldn't worry if it's an isolated incident, but if they become common, that might be a problem
astra:      i'm not amazingly bug-phobic, but i just prefer not to have them in the house
SamBC:      panicking isn't a good way to deal with roaches
SamBC:      it might not be a cockroach, anyway
SamBC:      it just might be
astra:      (she says, having screamed at the caterpillar on the clothes horse the other day)
astra:      it was okay until i saw the legs. *then* it triggered my millipede/centipede phobia
* Rhialto found a cockroach in the toilets at work, recently.
Rhialto:    I reported it but there is still no signs of exterminators or even removal of the body.
astra:      i just went out with the camera to try to take a photo of it, but it's disappeared. so now, of course, i'm prowling around glaring at all the black fluff on the carpet, in case it moves

and from #cuppajoe:
Cherie:   I *don't* like bugs at all.
baratron: but, uh, it doesn't look like the cockroaches in the sims or in animal crossing, so i'm guessing it probably isn't
Cherie:   LOL
Cherie:   You can always google cockroach images....
Pegasys:  in our first house we had cockroaches but my hubby refused to believe that - he said "Oh, they're just waterbugs."
Cherie:   I did to find out how to get rid of some. Ewww
Pegasys:  http://asl.epfl.ch/research/projects/Leurre/Pictures/HQ/cockroach.jpg
baratron: google cockroach images?! you *have* to be joking!!
baratron: one of my friends posted a photo of _ladybird_ (ladybug) larvae yesterday, and i screamed at them!
Pegasys:  ewww
baratron: and adult ladybirds are adorable, and harmless, and useful
baratron: but their larvae are just... like bug larvae
baratron: icky
Pegasys:  well, they're bugs, right?
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