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Travel & contact details. - helen-louise
Travel & contact details.
We are off to Belgium in the morning. Therefore I will be mostly not online for about a week. Do not be alarmed!

In preparation for the trip, among other things I've been copying my old address book over to my new address book. This is a depressing task, because there are many names of people I was friends with in 1995 and haven't spoken to in almost 10 years. There are also names of people who have died, and people that I lost touch with for no good reason, and now can't get in contact with because their parents have moved house too. Anyway, it's made me realise how few of my current friends I actually know the addresses of, so...

Poll #756523 Give me your contact details!

My address is... (type it in, or cut & paste the URL of the livejournal entry that contains it)

This is a ...

Permanent address (I/we own it)
Temporary address (rented, or I'm planning to move soon)
Not sure yet

Information that you give is, of course, only viewable by me. I want to know if it's a permanent or temporary address simply because I don't like having crossed out addresses in my address book - if you're living in rented accommodation and moving every 6 months, I'd prefer to pencil you in.

And if you'd like me to send you a postcard from my holiday, please comment below. All comments screened. You'd better comment before Thursday evening, as Belgian post offices don't really open at weekends, and you can't buy stamps from shops like you can here.

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