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Note to Self re thesims2.com

Dear h-l,

For future reference, your password for The Sims 2 site is the password you'd expect it to be, minus the HYPHEN, as the EA site doesn't let you have punctuation in passwords even though that's the normal way of obfuscating them for security porpoises. Don't waste another 15 minutes of your life trying every single variant of the password. Bah.

Anyway, having found the correct variant to enter the site, I've just posted a new chapter of my evil Ethiopian Challenge story online at the Sims 2 Exchange: Tormented Family Chapter 4 - Profoundly Gets His Man! In which the founder's son, Profoundly Tormented, grows up and picks his partner, and the third generation of Tormented sims are brought into the world. It is very, very silly - as might be expected for any Sims challenge where you're not allowed a kitchen or bathroom or any electrical appliances in the house, yet somehow you have to keep the sims alive and happy. It takes me forever to play this family because I'm always running someone or other Downtown so they can use the facilities - but taking chances is so, so fun ;)

Enjoy! A non-Exchange version will be posted when I get home & have sufficient motivation to do so. But it seems the Exchange isn't being the laggiest thing ever in the history of the universe tonight (at least, I'm seeing it fine even though I'm connected through slow hotel wifi), so you might actually be able to read the story even though it's there.
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