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Football Stops Traffic.

Greetings from Brussels, where the world is going crazy following the Italian team winning their World Cup match. We made the mistake of going into an Italian restaurant for dinner, completely unaware that Italy were playing tonight. We finished eating at 9.05pm, but the football match started at 9.00pm - and it took until 9.38pm before we got the bill & could leave. Argh.

This country is nuts. I'm not sure if it's full of Italians, or if it's just that most Belgians support Italy in preference to other European countries - but in response to them winning a quarter final, the fans stopped the traffic for over an hour. Look at the crazy people hanging out of their cars, and even standing on the roofs. Imagine a major intersection in the capital city of your country blocked for over an hour by people hooting their horns, blowing whistles and cheering.

Thank God we'll be home before the final's played!

Italian fans celebrating dangerously
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