helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

dropping things

I'm having a day of severe clumsiness, which for me often means I'm premenstrual - but I forgot to write when I had my last period in my livejournal, and they're still a bit all over the place. Before I got ill last year, I had lovely regular 28 day cycles. Being ill - and specifically, taking all the fat out of my diet - messed that up, as burning through body fat changes a lot of things within the body, as well as your stored oestrogen levels. So then I had 31 day cycles for a bit (nice!), then 24 day cycles (horrible!), then alternating 24 days/31 days (just plain confusing). So now I have no idea when my period is due, and it's annoying because I want to go swimming at the weekend.

Mind you, not only am I being clumsy today, but I've been having insane chocolate cravings for two days. I've found these vegan chocolate bars that are very similar to (European) Mars bars (US Milky Ways - I think), but I shouldn't really eat them - certainly, not more than one in a day. Too high fat (about 8g of fat in one 40g bar). But they're soooo yummy. And I can get them in Waitrose along with my bread & fruit.

*prods body into deciding what it's doing*
Tags: icky girlstuff

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