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dropping things - helen-louise
dropping things
I'm having a day of severe clumsiness, which for me often means I'm premenstrual - but I forgot to write when I had my last period in my livejournal, and they're still a bit all over the place. Before I got ill last year, I had lovely regular 28 day cycles. Being ill - and specifically, taking all the fat out of my diet - messed that up, as burning through body fat changes a lot of things within the body, as well as your stored oestrogen levels. So then I had 31 day cycles for a bit (nice!), then 24 day cycles (horrible!), then alternating 24 days/31 days (just plain confusing). So now I have no idea when my period is due, and it's annoying because I want to go swimming at the weekend.

Mind you, not only am I being clumsy today, but I've been having insane chocolate cravings for two days. I've found these vegan chocolate bars that are very similar to (European) Mars bars (US Milky Ways - I think), but I shouldn't really eat them - certainly, not more than one in a day. Too high fat (about 8g of fat in one 40g bar). But they're soooo yummy. And I can get them in Waitrose along with my bread & fruit.

*prods body into deciding what it's doing*


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geminigirl From: geminigirl Date: 5th July 2006 17:08 (UTC) (Link)
I know your life isn't conducive to using a fertility awareness method that involves basal body temperature, but it might be useful to you, in terms of tracking your cycles to look at the Billings Method, which depends more on observing cervical mucous, than temperatures. You may not find that you have a consistent cycle length, but the luteal phase is consistent from cycle to cycle for most people, which may give some clues as to what to expect, once you're familiar with how the method works.

When we were trying to achieve pregnancy, I was using fertilityfriend.com to track cycles and charts...it's more pregnancy focused than some of the other sites, but I know there are several cycle tracking web sites that people have mentioned to me that are less pregnancy-focused, and more menstruation focused. Some of them will even send an e-mail advising you to expect impending menstruation. If you think that might be useful, I can try and pull up the urls.
From: artremis Date: 6th July 2006 14:56 (UTC) (Link)
i'm in a simliar state at the momnet - which i'm hoping means i'll have all the yuckyness over by BiCon (of course how yucky it is will be a major test of how sucessful the treatment i had was). So empathy.
I do very basic sympto-thermal cycle tracking but if you are the kind of person who can get back to sleep after being slightly woken you can get fancy digital basal-temp thermomneters with an alarm and memory.
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