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keyboard woes & new underwear

I'm in a crap mood. It seems that the "spare" USB keyboard (that was originally intended to be the input device of the MythTV box which Richard started to build then gave up on) has finally broken. Now, it's not exactly surprising that it's broken, as I'm very clumsy and drop it on the floor several times per day - one of the reasons I have an external keyboard, as it's cheaper to buy a new keyboard than a new laptop - but it's bloody annoying timing - as it's way too hot to hold the laptop on my lap, and I'm too broke to buy another keyboard right now. So I guess I'll just have to not talk online much for a few days :/

Also went shopping for clothes today, and that always puts me in a bad mood due to all the looking at yourself in the mirror & resulting wrestling with body hatred that goes on. It transpires that although my breasts have lost huge amounts of stuffing and look all flappy in my old, stretched, 38DD bra, their new size is a 36D. I'd been putting off the inevitable "getting measured for a bra" thing because I was pretty sure they'd gone back to the size they were when I took a B cup, and I couldn't handle that emotionally. But apparently not. They actually look a lot bigger in the right size bra than they did in the saggy bra - I've no idea what the deal with that is, at all. I think even if you enjoy shopping for clothes, it sucks when you have no money and are putting it all on the credit card. Bah.

I hope that I will have money tomorrow. If not, I'll have a lovely three days at home on my own, without Richard, who's off somewhere "near Bournemouth" for the weekend, with £20 to my name. Oh yes, and I'm "supposed" to be getting some house work done. Meh!

Anyone want to do something on Saturday?
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