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Boring background about bus routes.Collapse )

$random1: "All the buses to Kingston are being diverted. Apparently there's a huge fire outside Wickes."
h-l: "Oh great - I live near there."

Another random person chimed in:
$random2: "No, it's a bit further down than Wickes. It's outside the kebab shop by the railway bridge."
h-l: "Oh God - that's even closer to where I live!"

Got on the second 213 when it came, as contrary to $random1's idea only half the buses were being diverted (to try to make up lost time). I checked TFL's WAP site from my phone, and the very first entry was:
LONDON ROAD KINGSTON: Due to a traffic accident Routes 57 85 and 213 are unable to serve London Road between Kenley Road and Coombe Lane West.

This was extra-specially worrying, because TFL covers an enormous area, and normally the first page of realtime news is reserved for central London problems. For somewhere as far out as Kingston to be the very first entry, clearly something Very Bad was happening.

I will spare you the tale of woe about having to walk home with a sore leg, and give the exciting news. Yes, there is a burnt-out bus at the end of our road. It was entirely blocking up the London Road and causing many mile tailbacks in all directions. It's pretty disturbing - the engine at the back of the bus had overheated enough to melt some of the metal, the entire back end of the bus was covered in soot, many of the upstairs windows were smashed, and I could swear some of the roof looked ripped-off. Except it was just an ordinary London United 57, the same type of bus stock they always use on that route, which have been happily passing under that railway bridge for far longer than we've lived in this area. Sad admittance of the public-transport geek...Collapse )

I can't find anything about it on the internet, except on the Transport for London realtime travel news site, which just relays the same information I got from the WAP site. So it will remain a mystery until the local papers are published this time next week. Hrm.
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