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I have been informed that "regular readers" of my journal need an update to my last entry to let them know what happened to Richard. Apparently at least one person was concerned that I might have killed him & buried him under the patio. Well, amazing though it might be, he did in fact make it to the cinema in time to see the 19:45 showing of Cars, as it didn't really start until 20:05. The film is fantastic - I always like Pixar films anyway, but I think this'll prove to be one of their best. We ate shitty nachos in the cinema followed by rather nice food at the sushi bar. And we've discussed his issue with not hearing important details like times of things, so hopefully it won't be a problem again.

Weekend has been quiet, which is good as I'm still very tired. Today I went into London to meet Tunaisafish (Jason) and Trubble (J) from the Sims forums. They both turned out to be real people and not sockpuppets, and neither of them were wearing socks on their hands to talk with. So this is good :)

Guess what? There's a double-decker bus stuck under the railway bridge by Norbiton station! Again. Unlike the last bus accident, which looked exciting but had no real story ("bus had fuel leak and its engine caught fire"), this one is not very exciting but has a story. Basically, there's engineering work on the lines which means no trains from Norbiton or Kingston, and they're running rail replacement buses to Surbiton instead. South West Trains, being cheap, want to order as few buses as possible, so rather than getting lots of single-decker buses they try to get in double-deckers. Except the bridge next to Norbiton station isn't quite high enough for a double-decker, by about 3 inches. It's still possible for a double-decker bus to use the station, but it needs to go a longer route round by Kingston Hospital, and of course, they always order in the buses from miles away, so the drivers aren't familiar with the local area. This being at least the third time that a bus has got stuck there in the 2 years we've lived here, I'm thinking they need to change the sign so it doesn't just say height 14' 3", but also says no double-decker buses. Bah.

baratron: i'm thinking they need to change the sign so it doesn't just say height 14' 3" but instead says "no, you can't fit a double-decker bus under here"
Inge:     yes
Jason:    In 15 languages
JenW:     lol
Inge:     just a picture of a dd bus crossed out
Jason:    yep :)
JenW:     or with its roof being peeled off
Inge:     and people decapitated with their heads rolling on the floor
Inge:     just to make the point
JenW:     ewwwww Inge!
JenW:     that's not what I meant :P
JenW:     lol
Jason:    Then you'll encourage busses being hijacked by terrorists and driven under low bridges
JenW:     lol
Inge:     ah yes I didn't think of that
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