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From #soc.bi at 20:00, participants being marnanel (marnanel), mountain_ash (rowan_leigh) and me.

astra:        argh! someone on another channel just said something about laudnry, and i got reminded what i was supposed to be doing!
astra:        argh!
marnanel:     eep!
mountain_ash: that, er, reminds me. i was going to put a load on.
marnanel:     I should maybe say "Laundry!" "Washing up!" "Sex!" "Cleaning the oven!" every so often, just in case it would remind people
mountain_ash: That would be a useful service. :)
marnanel:     Sex!
mountain_ash: That had completely slipped my mind.
astra:        heh. you could set up a bot to do so
* astra also giggles at the thought of mountain_ash _ever_ forgetting about sex :)

also, from just now (20:33):
marnanel: did you post it?
astra:    not yet
astra:    eating apple
marnanel: okay :)
marnanel: steve jobs is tasty
astra:    lol!
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