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miscellanea - helen-louise
It is Campaign Cup time again. This is a 4 day paintball tournament in Crystal Palace, starting tomorrow. Richard has booked 4 days off work to play and geek (it seems he's ported his code from the ProMasters onto the Timmys [1], so he is even more famous than he was before [3]). As it's vaguely nearby (south London), he's got people coming to stay here. It seems there will only be one this time, not an entire house full, but I still have to get the spare bed aired out & the sheets washed. It *may*, of course, turn out to be an entire house full of sweaty paintballers come tomorrow night - this has happened before :)

Friday is my last day of evil summer school, so I'm anticipating a relatively quiet week. The weekend is, however, messed up for me as I'm tutoring some kids from a nearby public school who have an internal school exam on Monday (it's a "resit" of their summer exam which will be used for their predicted grades in the International Baccalaureate). So while I could otherwise bugger off and leave Richard and his paintballers with the run of the house, I can't this time. So I'm wondering if there's anyone who wants to do "something" late afternoon/early evening on Thursday or Saturday (I'm guessing that I'll be too tired on Friday). Theoretically, I could get anywhere in London, but central would be better - and/or you could come here. The advantage of coming here is there's likely to be cake, and I might be persuaded to cook. Anyone I haven't seen in ages (you know who you are) feel free to invite yourselves over. Also. if the weather looks ok on Saturday, people could come over and try the tricycle/s, or bring bikes over to go for an exciting novelty quest (route to be decided on the day) round north Kingston or Richmond Park.

Anyone bored & want to join me?

[1] The paintball gun called a Timmy is really called an Intimidator [2], but everyone calls them Timmys, ideally pronounced like the way the South Park character says his own name.
[2] One of these days, I'm going to write a quiz called "Paintball Gun or Gay Man's Sex Toy?". There's an Intimidator, an Intruder... it wouldn't surprise me if there was a Rammer, a Ballbuster or an Anaconda.
[3] fsvo "famous" that involves having famous paintballers that are in the magazines using your code.

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otterylexa From: otterylexa Date: 30th August 2006 19:47 (UTC) (Link)
I may come over at some point, depending on transport factors and tuit levels.
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