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I am a round mound of bad temper today.

Tired & irritable - partly my fault for staying up too late, but being short of one hour's sleep doesn't usually make me feel this bad.
Itchy-nosed - dust mite faeces & pollen & mould spores all co-exist to pollute my air.
Itchy-headed, and my face & fingers itch too - probably allergic dermatitis, it doesn't look flaky like...
Itchy-legged - the eczema on my lower legs
Achey-legged & lower back pain - my period's about to start
Itchy bits, including bits I can't easily reach to scratch! - see above

Blah. And if all that wasn't enough, I've come home to find the whole house reeking of hydrocarbon combustion, with a burnt, sooty smell and acrid fumes in the air. I suspect our neighbours have been having another of their barbecues fueled by kerosene [1] again.

Hugs welcomed but I think you'll have to limit yourself to *hugs* - I'm so itchy & bad-tempered that I'm likely to bite someone's head off by accident.

[1] OK, kerosene is the fuel of jet engines. It's unlikely that's what they used. But if you've ever stood in Heathrow Central Bus Station and smelt that horrible, acidic mixture of bus & aircraft exhausts - diesel soot, sulphur dioxide, unburnt hydrocarbons, NOx & ozone - which makes your entire respiratory tract itch and swell up, that's what all the back rooms of our house smell like. I've now shut the windows and it's starting to clear. But ugh.
Tags: allergies suck, icky girlstuff, moaning

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