helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

Tapes and B-sides.

I just posted this to the Wildhearts mailing list, and I thought it was personal enough to post it here too.

I'm young enough that I've been buying albums on CD for as long as I've been buying albums. What I used to do when I was younger was to make tape copies of everything to play on my walkman. These days, I have a CD walkman, and my old tape walkman is buried in a desk somewhere.

Recently, I've been going through a lot of my old tapes, wiping all the ones I don't want to keep. (Most of them are copies of things I have on CD, so there's no point keeping them). I've been re-recording over the old tapes, making up tape compilations, or things to play in other people's cars.

I've had a tape of "the Wildhearts' singles" since 1995. However, it occured to me today that there were quite a few songs missing. I didn't have anything after the "I Wanna Go Where the People Go" single on there. So today I got a new 100-minute tape, and just about squeezed all of the East/West-era B-sides onto it.

I tend to stick CDs on and listen to them whilst doing something else, often only getting up to change them when my CD player has gone through the 3 CDs in its stack. I don't listen to singles at all, really. I had the various Wildhearts albums that I listen to, my tape of the singles, and another tape called "The Best of the Wildhearts" which I made up myself. So I hadn't realised before now that there were several Wildhearts songs that I really like but have barely listened to. It's a really weird feeling suddenly discovering these songs after all this time. "Underkill" was one of them, also "Do Anything".

Also, I've noticed again for the first time in ages that at the end of "Fire Up" (which I always want to call "Fired Up" for some reason), there's a bit that should lead into "In Lilly's Garden". It makes me get all pondering again about what the original track listing for "p.h.u.q." should have been, before East/West got arsey. Hmmm.

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