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random things you missed me saying by not being on irc today

baratron: why is organising bisexuals like herding cats?
baratron: i am trying to come up with a plan for getting me, my girlfriend, her boyfriend, _his_ boyfriend, my psuedo-girlfriend/tocotox-thingy, her boyfriend and two other friends from five different towns to manchester
baratron: next saturday
baratron: starting in different places and travelling on different days
baratron: ARGH!
baratron: did i already mention that none of us have much money at all (I'm probably the most flush with spare cash of the lot of us, which is quite scary really) so we all want to do it as cheaply as possible?
baratron: we're trying to arrange car-sharing and trains and all sorts of argh

* baratron is really tired and brain-dead
baratron i got woken up by parcelfarce [1] banging on the door
baratron: i can't complain about that - more usually, they knock ONCE then stick a card through the door saying "we tried to deliver this but you were out", and then one of us has to go to bloody mitcham to try to collect it
baratron: but i was absolutely sound asleep, and also naked
baratron: so i had to try to get dressed and get downstairs without tripping on my pyjama legs and killing myself

[1] Parcelforce are the parcel division of the UK's own dear Royal Mail. They are a cross between the ordinary postal service and a private courier company. This means that fairly often, you don't get a choice about who to use, because your heavy post gets shunted onto Parcelforce whether you like it or not. Those of us who've endured waiting around for them call them Parcelfarce because...

* baratron dies of the CUTENESS that is her two lovely boys getting engaged in the sims
baratron: i went for the surprise engagement this time. so one of them sorta sneaked the ring box onto the table, and grimaced a little.
baratron: and the other one saw it and started bouncing on his seat, and he opened the box and saw the ring, held it up to the light, and bounced on his seat some more and grinned a lot and put it on.
baratron: SO CUTE!
baratron: and, um - how come every other gay man in the neighbourhood is eating in that restaurant today?

baratron: random ludyism: "when i was young, i thought everyone had their own personal church. because my dad had his church that he was minister of, and my mum had her meeting house, which doesn't have a minister because they're quakers, so she might as well be in charge of it. and all the grown-up people i knew had their own church."
baratron: she rang me up to ask whether i had any ideas for brighton bifest because she's going to the committee meeting about it now, and mentioned that they'e looking for a new venue, and i asked if they'd considered the quaker not-a-church, as they happily hosted the dykes for the dyke modern day of indulgence, and it's MUCH bigger than the bifest venue last year
baratron: so, there was context :)
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