helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

I am the spider catcher!

I had a weird dream last night that I was some sort of scary animal handler - I was employed by the police to clear snakes and spiders out of the lairs of dangerous criminals after they'd been arrested, or sometimes as they were being arrested. The crime boss would say "Nooo, you can't arrest me, I'll set the DEADLY SPIDERS ON YOU!" and I'd go in and 'defuse' the spiders. It was attempting to turn into a murder mystery, because there was a policewoman who'd been murdered who was having her first ever lesbian affair with my boss, who was someone I know IRL (x_mass, in an interesting cameo there). Had she been murdered by her soon-to-be-ex husband ("You left me for a woman, you dirty slut!")? Had she been murdered by someone from the gang she was investigating? Was it just a random accident, getting in the way of the bullet? I don't know, because I woke up.

It was most probably a fever dream - when I woke up and checked my temperature, it was high even by my standards. But quite amusing nonetheless :)
Tags: dreams

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