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Video games ate my life!

Of course, my natural reaction to SAD is to crave light. I make myself go out the house and experience as much natural light as possible, but there isn't really enough around to be helpful most days. So I find myself in the evenings sitting with every light in the room on, in front of an illuminated computer or tv screen.

I have been playing a great deal of Animal Crossing Wild World and Nintendogs. For anyone who understands what this means, I have paid off sufficient of my mortgage in AC WW to have the five-roomed house (four rooms you can furnish + the save room), and my Museum is almost filled. In Nintendogs I have a fierce, boundy husky called Lupa (female) and a quiet golden retriever called Ged (male), and they've been winning enough contests that I have enough money to afford a third dog, except I want to finish training those two first.

Except now I'm suffering from "DS thumb", which is a sort of RSI caused by the DS's not-terribly-ergonomic stylus device combined with my own joint hypermobility. So I need to stop playing the DS for a bit and let my thumb recover :/ Bah!

At least I still have Sims 2, with its significantly more ergonomic mouse... ;)
Tags: moaning, sims 2, video games

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