helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

Tell me why I don't like Wednesdays.

What is it about my tricycle and Wednesdays? Two weeks ago the chain flew off at speed, today I have a puncture in the front wheel. It's a conspiracy, I tell you. It's the sort of puncture where you put 150 pumps of air into it and it seems almost firm enough, but by the time you've removed the pump and put the cap back on the tyre is completely flat again. Bah.

Sadly, I have no idea how to mend punctures (and even if I did, I'm probably allergic to the glue or the rubber or the plasticiser in something, so it would be a bad idea for me to randomly try), so I'm stuck at home waiting for Richard to get back and be an engineer for me. This is annoying because I wanted to go to the supermarket and stock up with stuff for the weekend... more about that in just a moment.
Tags: tricycles

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