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hrm - helen-louise
At 20:15, I noticed on irc that I'd discovered I needed to go to ?skip=580 on the Default View of my livejournal friends page before I could see stuff I'd read before. I said:
baratron: ok, i'm going to read from ?skip=580 to ?skip=300, and no later. as if i try to read too much at once, i get information overload and my brain explodes.
baratron: i know that once i get started the temptation will be to read EVERYTHING, because it all has WORDS ON.
baratron: but if i do i'll get a headache and feel twitchy

It's now 01:09, I've got to ?skip=300, and I'm stopping. There are lots of reasons why I get so behind with livejournal, and one day I should articulate them. But not now. Going to play Sims 2 for a bit, then sleep :)

Current Mood: tired tired

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