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Maxis have lost touch with reality.

It's official. Maxis *ahem* EA have spent so much time producing simulated games that they've lost the ability to distinguish between reality and fiction.

According to MaxoidSam, items were hidden in the Sims 2 Glamour Life pack on purpose. It wasn't a mistake, or a half-finished buggy item tucked away out of sight to "finish" the game on time, oh no - it was to give the modding community something to do! Yeah, right.

My friend rohina got banned from the official Sims 2 BBS for calling him on it, though uh, the reasoning leaves a lot to be desired. But I agree. Two words, one of them being "bull", the total describing excrement of a male bovine.

*rolls eyes*
Tags: people are stupid, sims 2, wtf?

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