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don't eat 8-day-old chickpeas!

Ooog. Remind me never to eat 8-day-old chickpeas again. I thought they were well-enough cooked to kill off any food poisoning germs, but they're not agreeing with me. Could be I killed off the bacteria but the toxins they produced were left behind. I, er, kinda forgot about toxins.

So I'm mildly nauseous. I'll be fine, don't think it's "proper" food poisoning, just feeling a bit blergh. It wasn't detectable by smell or taste, though, and food going off is usually noticeable. Most vegetables are either visibly damaged or smell sulphurous when off. However, chickpeas tend to smell odd when they're fresh out of the can or the stockpot, so I guess it's less easy to tell with them. Hence the note to self :)
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