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Floor update.

I have finally got round to uploading the pictures of the past few days.
Ever wondered what 120 years of dust looks like? Ever wondered what 120 years of dust looks like?

On the left, accumulated dust and debris going back to 1881. On the right, a clean underfloor for comparison.

Fri 27 October 2006, 22:23:00

I should, by the way, quite justifiably give major props to the Vax VS-191 Swift HEPA you can see in several of the photographs. Despite being designed as a normal household cleaner, it has coped admirably with many, many litres of rubble and rusty nails (seems funny to measure the volume of solids in litres, but whatever!), needing only an occasional emptying of the extension hose when it's become blocked by sheer quantity of unsquishable junk. We were going to buy or rent a specific workshop cleaner, but haven't needed to. I am ridiculously impressed, and considering writing a testimonial to the makers. Unfortunately, it's not suitable for use on hard floors, so we're going to have to buy a new vacuum cleaner. You can bet Vax will be at the top of my list.

The floor is still nowhere near done - it's half-laid in the front room upstairs. Realistic estimates suggest we should be able to finish it tomorrow night and then move furniture back into that room, ready to start on the bedroom on Wednesday. Realistic estimates also suggest if we work on it every single night, we might only have to sleep in the front room for a week before moving back into the bedroom. I haven't got as far as working out when we'll get the landing done, that's too far in the future! I realised today that it's Richard's birthday in 10 days, and I haven't got round to buying him anything yet - oh well!
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